Social Media & the World of GME

As with all things Graduate Medical Education must continue to evolve with the changing landscape in social media. More and more social media has become a way not only to inform but also to advertise your brand. Residency programs are no different, each year we embark on the arduous journey of recruiting our new intern class, so why not use social media as part of the tools we have at our disposal? In order to attract the best candidates to our program we have to be able to sell our brand.

With that in mind, we are conducting a national survey of Program Coordinator/ Managers, Residents, and Medical Students to determine how best to use social media in the recruitment process. We hope to gather enough information to give us a 360 view of how social media is currently being used in the recruitment process and how it can be used to better brand your program to applicants.

Additionally, we also hope to educate residency programs on the importance of having a social media presence. Not only because it can benefit the recruitment process, but also to help maintain a sense of community with both residents and alumni. Most of our current residents have grown up with an active social media presence, it comes as second nature to them. Embracing social media helps us to connect with them and with each other.

If you are interested in participating in our study, please click the appropirate link below. We also encourage you to forward the survey to your colleges, residents, and fourth year medical students.

Program Administrator Survey:

Resident Survey:

Medical Student Survey:


Kristin Johnson, MS, Maine Medical Center, Anesthesia Program Coordinator

Jane R. Maugeri, C-TAGME, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Anesthesia Program Coordinator

Yara Núñez, Massachusetts General Hospital/Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Obstetrics & Gynecology Program Coordinator​

Sandra Palma, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Radiology Program Coordinator



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