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Candidate's perspectives on Interview materials and day of logistics

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Thought I would just take a few quick moments to review some of the data I pulled together last year on what candidates found most helpful/important regarding interview days.

**survey was completed in Feb 2018, of 4th year medical school graduates**

Prior to the day of the interview, they ranked these items from most to least important: 1. Graduate Career paths/Alumni Fellowship matching information 2. Lodging information 3. Current resident list with medical school, previous internship/residency, if applicable, and contact info 4. Interview Day Agenda 5. Information on average procedural numbers and patient loads 6. Unique aspects of the program/institution 7. Benefit and Salary info 8. Block Schedule template There was a significant drop off in importance for the following items 9. Program Director CV 10. Board Pass rates from the past 5 years 11. Research Opportunities 12. Wellness program info 13. Faculty CVs

For the actual day of the interview, these were ranked from most to least important:

  1. Time with Residents and Fellows (overwhelming winner)

  2. Time with the Program Director

  3. Time with Faculty

  4. Learning about unique educational, clinical or research opportunities in the program/institution

  5. Sample didactic schedule

  6. Social life of the residents

  7. Hospital amenities and rounding information

Are there any other items that you give out to applicants? Or perhaps, you've received feedback from your applicants that are different from what's listed? Share below in the comments section!


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