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It’s the beginning of a new academic year. It’s an exciting time, a time to get to know your new residents or fellows, and for them to get to know you; a time to learn and a time for reality to set in, I like to refer to it as the “What have I gotten myself into” moments.

While preparing for new resident orientation I revisited a thought that I have often had, what do trainees think that Program Coordinators\Managers do? As I thought about it further it occured to me that it would be interesting to find out what they know about GME in general. So, I decided it would be fun to play a jeopardy style game during orientation to gage their knowledge of GME. I began jotting down questions about the rules, regulations, and organizations that will govern their lives during training.

The afternoon of orientation the teams were set and the instructions were given. We were ready to play. Everyone was eager and ready, fingers poised on the buzzers as I asked the first question “What or who is the ACGME?” there were inquisitive stares but no “buzzing”. I continued, what is the ACGME’s role in Graduate Medical Education? There was some discussion but still no “buzz.” What does the acronym ACGME stand for? I kept going…..Please just pick a letter A-C-G-M or E and give me a word.

Deciding to move on I posed the second question: What medical board governs your speciality? Then another, What do you think that my role is as the Residency Education Coordinator? This was not a shy group and although there was plenty of discussion, even a few laughs, there were no accurate answers. It was amazing to find out how little they knew. But how would they know?

Perhaps another facet to our multifaceted job is educating our trainees about the ins and outs of GME. Let’s call this GME 101 or better yet “Beyond Doctoring-GME Education”.

My question to you is: What do you think residents should know about the ACGME, the inner workings of GME and their Specialty Boards? Please write in your answers in the comments below!

I will be turning this topic into a series of posts on other ideas and thoughts, how we continue to incorporate education on this topic in our program, and hopefully share some best practices from other programs that are also working in this area.

Also please take a moment to complete this survey on CCC and PEC Management, results will be shared with anyone who would like to see them!

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