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Time Management Tool – The Time Budget

“Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose.” -Thomas Edison

I recently attended a conference where one of the sessions talked about creating a time budget, to help manage your time. I found it extremely helpful and eye opening, thought I’d share some of the details with all of you!

Do you sometimes stress trying to make time to finish everything by the end of the work day? Or find yourself wishing there were just a few more hours? And most importantly – when you look back at how that time was spent, do you sometimes spend it other than how you intended?

Anything that can help me streamline my day and cut out time wasters, is something that I’m interested in doing!

Plan Your Day With A Time Budget

Budgeting where cash in your wallet goes is a great way to ensure you spend your money where your priorities are – and budgeting time similarly ensures spending time appropriately.

The first step: for one week, try and track the total amount of time each week you spend on various tasks.

At the end of that week, assess how you spent your time. What were the time wasters that prohibited you from completing work tasks?? Where are you spending the most time, do those tasks warrant taking up that much time each week?

When you have that information, sit down and spend 10 minutes creating what your best work week would look like. Understanding that each day will not be ideal, and there are still many things out of your control, but having a plan for each day will help keep you on track to completing all the tasks you need to complete within the confines of work hours.

Don’t discount how powerful it is: this is an exercise that has changed people’s lives. Take it seriously – and it just might change yours.

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