Resident and Faculty Development Tools & Resources

Many programs are struggling with faculty & resident development. I have complied a brief list of some of my favorite resources and tools to help inspire you in creating your own robust resident or faculty development initiative.

If you have any more resources to share, please use the comments section below!

Educator’s Portfolio, a must have for any resident or faculty interested in research or development. Examples:

Apps for Project Management, looking to organize all those projects and articles you want to read? Try one of these:

Podcast, don't have time for all that reading, but still want to be informed? Listen to this podcast!

Authorship Tools, do any of your residents or junior faculty need some helping breaking into the world of publications?! Here are some great tips/tools:

Medical Education Research Certificate (MERC)

Faculty Professional Development, looking for good articles on faculty development or examples of what other institutions are doing?

Resident & Faculty Mentoring Program, need to create a mentoring program or beef yours up?

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