Training Program Administrator Scholarly Activity

This topic seems to be generating a healthy discussion lately. Scholarly activity isn't just for your residents and PDs anymore! It's for you too.

It's important to remember that scholarship and development for a training program admin is not just attending your specialty conference or an ACGME conference. There are plenty of other low cost options to engage yourself in scholarly pursuits!!

Committees - Does your specialty group have one you could join? Perhaps your hospital has one to join? If no, try starting one! Examples: ACGME Coordinator Advisory Group, AHME COPAC, MSAMA, APDIM Program Coordinator Advisory Council

Webinars - Seek out and participate in webinars! If your department can't cover the cost of participation, try reaching out to other program admins at your institution. Can the fee be split over multiple departments or would your GME Office be willing to sponsor the event? At my institution, if we can show that a minimum of 10 program admins will attend, the GME Office will sponsor the webinar.

Here is an upcoming webinar that looks very interesting, being hosted by AHME: Program Administrator Milestones: A Mechanism to Gauge Your Professional Development

Partners in Medicine YouTube channel

Presentations/Posters – Lots of medical education related conferences solicit for presentations and poster sessions. Many medical school and academic hospitals also have on-site poster presentations. Submit an idea for a poster or presentation. Collaborate with your residents or Program Director to present, or perhaps with another program admin in your specialty or at your institution.

You have a lot to offer, don’t sell yourself short thinking you don’t have the “expertise” to present on a topic! We are all experts at time management and communication, do a workshop on that. Manage your CCC well? I guarantee that there is another program out there struggling with that and sharing your process will help them. Does your program have a good evaluation completion rate, share your process with other struggling programs! Seek out a topic that interests you and go for it!

Articles/Papers – Have you already done a presentation or poster? Turn it into an article or manuscript for publishing! Have you worked with your residents, faculty or Program Director on a project they are publishing, ask to be included as an author or acknowledgement. Don’t be afraid to shine, and don’t be afraid to ask!

JGME now has a coordinator section for us to publish

HC Pro has a residency newsletter, write a short column for their next publication!

Certification - See our previous blog post regarding advanced and professional certifications/degrees.

How have you engaged in scholarly activity?

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Still have questions or need help with your own professional development or scholarly activity, contact us!

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