Advanced Degrees or Certifications for the GME Community

Lots of buzz around career development and professional growth lately, with particular attention being paid to obtaining advanced degrees and/or certifications.

There are many rewarding reasons to begin an advanced degree or certificate program.

Professional growth – add to your knowledge base, challenge yourself, and develop your mind! Greater career advancement opportunities – having a higher degree or certificate can you make you more desirable to potential employers. Financial reward – on average, workers with advanced degrees earn about 25% more than those that do not hold advanced degrees. Increase recognition and credibility – earning an advanced degree or certificate says something about who you are and the dedication you have to your chosen field.

Here are some of the most common certifications and degrees in the graduate medical education community.

Professional Certifications

  • GME Leadership Development Certification (from AAMC)

  • Lean Six Sigma

  • Training Administrators of Graduate Medical Education (TAGME)

Graduate Certificates

  • Adult Learning

  • Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

  • Healthcare Management (or Administration)

  • Instructional Design

  • Project Management

  • or Project Management Professional (PMP) certification

  • Nonprofit Management (or Administration)

Masters Programs

  • Academic Medicine

  • Business Administration (concentration in Healthcare or nonprofit)

  • Education

  • Healthcare Administration

  • Management (concentration in Healthcare or nonprofit)

  • Organizational Management (concentration in Healthcare or nonprofit)

  • Project Management

Do you have a degree? One not listed above? Are you interested in obtaining a degree or certification? Let us know in the comments below!

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