Training & Webinar options for Training Program Admins

There are lots of different training options out there for you, you just need to look around! Most of us are only familiar with our specialty meetings or the annual ACGME conference, but I can assure you that there are other opportunities out there.

Did you know that the ACGME now offers free webinars as well? Also, for those with CODA or CPME accreditation, they also offer a few training options.

ERAS offers free webinars on the PDWS, scheduler & a few Q&A sessions!

MedHub, if your program uses this service, offers user training. (they do not currently offer webinar training)

New Innovations, if your program uses this service, holds 2 training conferences each year, also check with your institution to see if you have access to NI's FREE online web training.

Partners in Medical Education offers training webinars on lots of various GME topics, has a GME Blog and does short YouTube snipets every week.

Healthcare Professionals (HC Pro) offers many options, like books, newsletters, webinars, new PC bootcamp (in-person or webinar) and an advanced PC bootcamp.

Association for Hospital Medical Administrators (AHME) sometimes offers training webinars for program coordinators.

Are there any other resources or companies that you have used in the past for training purposes, or, have you used any of the above? If so, please use the comments section to tell us about it!

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