A Personal Board of Directors

I was recently talking with a colleague after they returned from a conference, and we discussed a particular Professional Development workshop they had participated in where they learned about building a Personal Board of Directors. As you may imagine I was as incredulous about the subject as you may be right now.

So, what is a Personal Board of Directors? When you think about the generic make up for a corporate board, there is usually a lawyer, a real estate expert, a financial manager, etc… It is a panel of experts selected to steer a company towards profit & growth. This concept alters this idea, by having you create a group of people you consult regularly to get advice and feedback from.

The concept challenges the increasingly outdated practice of attaching yourself to one mentor/mentee relationship. Instead of having one point of contact, you have multiple, each with their own area(s) of expertise. Your BoD is also fluid, as you grow professionally, your BoD members should change as your needs and wants change. Diversifying your professional mentors, allows you to have a wide array of opinions, input and advice. Looking at things from different angles really helps give you a birds-eye view of what you are seeing.

Using the tool below, you can begin to create your own Persona Board of Directors. This is a great tool to organize your professional relationships, and it helps you easily identify any areas that you might be lacking in.

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